Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Girl on the Block

Hi friends. Yes, I am the new girl on the blog block. I do not really know what I am doing, but I love sharing things that the Lord gives me whether its a scripture, devotional, or even home decorating, so I thought I would give this blog neighborhood a try. If things show up that don't belong or don't show up that should, just be patient with me I am a work in progress. Here we go then, lets get to know each other shall we.
Sweet Blessings Friends,


Anonymous said...

Well, my sweet friend I look forward to following this I sure do <3

Tonya said...

Hi sweetie. Time you stepped out and refreshed the world. Looking forward to your blog. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

I know Peggie....I havn't had my coffee the last two mornings....but I am going to be prepared tommorrow ya, brenda

Tonya, I look forward to seeing you too!

Anonymous said...

Tonya, how can I be other than anonymous?

Robin said...

Love you and look forward to following you on your blog and all you have to share. Robin