Sunday, May 9, 2010

For Lauren

We always knew she was very smart
she was showing signs from the very start
she loved Big Bird and the rest of the crew
very quickly her vocabulary grew

On to kindergarten she couldn't wait to go
along with Nikki at Memorial Baptist they would grow.
reading very quickly she made us so proud
loved an audience or to her dolls she would read aloud
the year quickly ended and across the stage she did walk
how beautiful and smart this graduate was the talk

From first through the fifth grade she gave it her all
never letting a circumstance cause her to fall
the teachers they loved her thought she was sweet
impressed by her hard work to teach her a treat.

On to middle school her next mission
learning to play the violin with a great rendition
eighth grade brought a move and new school
I believed she used this as a tool
new friends and hard work here she also would thrive
leave it to her to do more than just survive
once again across the stage she did glide
for this mother her pride she could not hide.

The next step so big mom was afraid
how could my baby be in ninth grade
was it not just yesterday it was k-five
now this girl was getting ready to drive
four years how fast they did fly
and soon to colleges we would apply

Peace College we did decide
accepting the presidential scholarship she took pride
how did she get this you may ask
honor roll every year was part of the task
boasting NC Scholar award and top 10% of her class
ECU next and even here she succeeds
a service sorority and own apartment proceed

Time again to walk the stage
this time a different story when we turn the page
she is all grown up and we can’t believe it
what God will use Lauren for we cannot even perceive it.

A Very Proud Mom

My oldest daughter graduated from college this weekend. I cannot believe how fast time goes. I am so proud of her. She worked so hard all the way through school and college. I have never seen anyone study so hard. She will be very successful in life. The poem above is what I wrote for her graduation party invite.


Anonymous said...

Mom you are so sweet! I couldn't have asked for a better mom. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you!

Joan Perry said...

Margaret! LOVED this! It is so special! Thanks so much for sharing! Isn't child-rearing one of the ultimate experiences of God's grace? How He somehow takes all of our blunders and pitiful-attempts-at-parenting and redeems them in the lives of our children in ways we could never understand.