Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Because He Says its for Girls: This is For Him...

What You Didn’t Have To Do
There are many fathers
Some are even great
But our story is much different
My youngest was almost eight

Your children were much older
You thought this part was done
Then in your life walk my three
I’m surprised you didn’t run

I know it hasn’t always been easy
Although they were really cute
A few slammed doors
Not helping with chores
Many a broken heart
And then there is always your favorite
The comments a little too smart

There are many things you didn’t have to do
But let me see if I can name just a certain few
Sharing your chair
complaints over hair
Wiping tears, consoling fears
Throwing parties bigger than expected
Vacations with great memories collected
Buying clothes, buying a car
Wow your beginning to sound like a super star

This is a short list
Over the years you’ve done much more
None of this compares to what really lies at the core
Its something unexpected you didn’t have to do
You have loved them like they're a part of you
Hardly what I call a step-father
God ordered an extra daddy this we know to be true
And I love you even more for what you didn’t have to do.

for my sweet husband, my best friend.

If you are a single mom considering a special someone I hope that God allows them to be someone that is an "extra dad" for your children as well not just a "stepdad".

Sweet Blessings,

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Renee Swope said...

I love this. Didn't know you liked to write poetry. You are really good girl!