Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Surrender All?

My Body so weary and achy
I am feeling I cannot endure
Then I remember His words
And begin to feel more secure.

So why can I not remember
That in my weakness he’s strong
That as long as I’m leaning on Jesus
Nothing can really go wrong.

As I feel I am losing control
I remember the words very clear
come unto me child for I am always near
Yet continuing to think my plan is best
I never stop to take a short rest

“Love Never Fails”
That’s what Corinthians tells
And if love did fail
what use was the nail
The blood shed scars he would suffer
“It is finished” he would say
That day on the hill so far away

So, His love for me should say it all
I should not even begin to question His call
What call you ask
The biggest of all
I surrender my all.

So often the old hymn "I Surrender All" comes to my mind and I think it is God trying to tell me, "okay time to surrender again". I am such a control freak, but it is definitely one thing (there are so many,ha)that he is working on me about. Well, the day that I wrote the poem above was one of those days He was at work on me.
Is there something you are not surrendering?

Sweet Blessings,


Robin said...

Your poem is beautiful and so true! Thank you for surrendering to Him. He certainly has gifted you! Love you sister!

Wanda said...


I am sooo enjoying your blogs... sorry it took me a minute to find you but I am glad I did. I will continue praying that you hear the voice of God to encourage those who need it the most. I'm proud of you for stepping out and doing what has been on your heart for a while. I'm sure God's proud of you, too! Special Blessings, Wanda