Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something to Say, Words to Write, Called to Lead?

Do you ever feel you have something to say, but don’t know how to say it?
Something to write, but cannot find the words? You want to lead women to the heart of God, but need more direction? If so She Speaks Conference is a great opportunity to learn a better way to do all of the above.
Here is my reason for the interest and confidence in this conference:

Everyone needs to pursue their passion in life in order to fulfill Gods plan for them. My passion is sharing Jesus with others, primarily women. Why? Because I do not know how anyone can survive life without him. I certainly wouldn’t be here if it were not for Him.
Over the past several years I have attended many conferences that featured a P31 speaker sharing their story and teaching the Word of God. It has been what God has primarily used to give me the courage to begin to share my story as well. You see, I have been, and to be honest still am to some degree, guilty of wearing that famous mask that so many women tend to do. You know the mask right? The mask that allows everyone to look at you and say, “Wow she certainly has it all together”. What a sinful nature, it’s prideful, not humbling. Using our “story” is what allows us to live out one of God’s greatest promises to us in Romans 8:28, that “He will use all things together for the good…..” This means even the dirt we tend to sweep under the rug so no one can see it.
I have felt Gods calling on my life for quite awhile now, a stirring in my heart that He wants to use me. I have had all intentions of going to She Speaks for the last few years. The first year I had scheduling conflicts, the second year my business was not doing well and I couldn’t get a way, the third year I had health issues and had to have surgery (I had already sent in my money and had to cancel my registration). I believe this is the year!It would be great if it was with this scholorship. As I continue to hear God’s call on my life, perhaps its time I quit ignoring that call and pursue my passion, perhaps even more importantly HIS passion for me.
I have seen God use many of my sweet friends from P31 to minister to women. I have seen lives changed through this ministry. I cannot think of another organization that I would rather have to help me learn a better way to tell my story, learn the words to write it, or the direction to lead. I plan to do that July 30th-August 1st.

Sweet Blessings,

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